“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

Oscar Wilde

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Volunteer Highlight

Meet Cyndi, one of Food is Love’s founding volunteers. She is truly dedicated to making a difference and has participated in every Food is Love event. Her hard work has contributed to the success of our largest fundraiser, the Food is Love Golf Classic. As one of the key organizers for the charity golf tournament, she helped to feed more than 100 hungry participants that day. It’s with volunteers like Cyndi that we were able to raise $30,000 for the Houston Symphony. In fact, the tournament turned out to be one of her favorite events to date and she’s looking forward to doing more with Food is Love.

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Nonprofit Highlight

Turning Point Center is a Houston elderly homeless shelter with a unique history. Isha Deselle, the founder of TPC, sold her house in 1988 and used all her savings to buy a dilapidated 34-unit apartment complex. With the assistance of the community and volunteers, she renovated and refurbished the building into a space that could house 90 people. Her goal was to address the obstacles faced by underprivileged individuals aged 50 and above who don’t have safe and adequate living conditions for themselves. The center offers food and a variety of rehabilitative services to meet the physical and emotional needs of their residents. Turning Point Center is geared towards helping their residents acquire the life skills and resources they need to return to an independent living status.

You can check out turningpointcenter.org to learn more about how you can work with Isha and her team to make a difference.


Toys donated since 2007 and counting.

The number of toys we have collected until 2019 averages out to more than 760 toys per year. That’s 760 kids who get to open a gift on Christmas. You can check out pictures from prior year’s toy drives under “Our Impact”. Or come join us in donating this year by dropping off a toy.


Volunteers and growing.

Our volunteers make what we do possible. They come up with new ideas on how to collaborate with charities, plan the logistics behind events, put in their time to volunteer, or donate funds to support the causes making a difference in the world. We can do more together so sign up to be a volunteer today!


Partner Organizations 

There’s a different story behind how we came to work with each non-profit. Whether it’s through a recommendation of one of our volunteers or simply through a google search, we’re on the lookout for different charitable movements. You can tell us about what you’re doing or let us know how we can do something good together by filling out the form under “Collaborate”.

Partner Organizations

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