About Us


Our Mission

To connect people with charities they are passionate about.
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Our Vision

A community where charitable causes and those who want to help can find each other easily.

Our Values

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Be kind and considerate

We believe more good can be done if we are guided by these two intentions every day.

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Have an open heart and an open mind

The possibilities around us to make a positive change are infinite if we are open mentally and emotionally to seize upon those opportunities when they come.

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Always help whenever and however possible

Whether we provide aid to one person or many or whether we plant a tree or an entire forest, what we do matters and we can make that difference today.

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Share your ideas, no matter how small

When you express your ideas, you give them life and space to grow. It also invites people to work with you and turn your ideas into meaningful action. We can accomplish more together.

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Seek to learn as much as possible 

We don’t know everything but we can observe and adapt to people and situations. Understanding is just as important as solving so that you can adjust how you can help.

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Find the good in every situation

Nothing is perfect, but that’s what makes things interesting. Our job is to figure out how we can work within the circumstances presented and appreciate the silver linings when we find them.


The history of Food is Love began long before it was formally established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2018. As MFE, Ltd. grew to become one of the largest food service distributors in the US, they recognized their capabilities and resources could be extended to more than just business. MFE’s organized efforts to give back have supported various nonprofits throughout the years – the Houston Symphony, the Houston Food Bank, Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Houston Texans Foundation, Shriners Hospital for Children, and more. Upon the culmination of 16 years of giving back, MFE created Food is Love to formalize their commitment to philanthropy.

Food is Love’s mission is to connect people with charitable movements they are passionate about helping. There is a special type of magic in doing good – for the volunteer, for the cause, for the community, and for those in need. We hope more good can be done by making it easy for charities to link up with those who want to support them. Join us by signing on to be a volunteer, making a donation, telling us about your cause, or sharing how you’ve making a change for the better.